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    Post 3 NFL Rule Changes & Dunking Celebration Now A Penalty

    NFL (No Fun League) changes 3 rules, adds the dunking celebration to the penalty list as using the ball as a prop, and will test out PAT from the 20 yard line in pre-season.

    ORLANDO, Fla. -- On the third day of the NFL Annual Meeting, the league's ownership got down to voting.

    One day after approving a rule to allow referees to consult with the officiating department in New York during replay review, the league came to a decision on the rest of the rules proposals on the docket. Here's a quick summary of the measures, from NFL Media's Albert Breer:

    Rule changes

    1. The New England Patriots' proposal to extend the goal posts five feet has passed. Let's just call this "The Adam Carolla Rule."

    "It just made sense," Dallas Cowboys coach Jason Garrett told Around the League's Marc Sessler. It passed "relatively easily."

    2. The "NaVorro Bowman Rule" was passed, however. That allows the officials to make the recovery of a loose ball in the field of play a reviewable call. This loophole was exposed when Bowman clearly recovered a ball in the NFC Championship Game last year, but the play couldn't be under review.

    3. The game clock will now continue after a quarterback sack outside of two minutes.

    Failed proposals

    1. Multiple proposals to expand plays that can be reviewed were shot down. The Patriots had suggested allowing all plays to be reviewed. The Washington Redskins wanted personal fouls to be reviewed.

    Less than 50 percent of coaches supported the measure to make all plays reviewable, according to the Competition Committee. The committee said the topic inspired a lot of debate.

    2. The Redskins' proposal to move the kickoff to the 40-yard line was shot down. So was their idea to eliminate the training camp roster cutdown to 75 players.

    3. The Patriots' proposal to move the extra point back to the 25-yard line failed, but the league will experiment with a new extra-point system during the preseason. Extra points in Weeks 1 and 2 of the preseason will be snapped from the 20-yard line. (Making them like a 37-yard field goal.)

    4. The proposal to allow an unlimited number of players on injured reserve to return to the active roster failed. Jeff Fisher of the Competition Committee said that vote wasn't close.

    No decision yet

    1. The abolition of overtime in the preseason was tabled until May.

    2. The idea to expand the practice squad from eight to ten players was also tabled. The same goes for expanding rosters for Thursday night games to 49 from 46.

    3. The league also put off deciding whether to allow teams to open their roof during halftime at games for weather reasons.

    4. The Competition Committee told the Patriots that it will look at the possibility of adding cameras to all goal lines, side lines and end lines. The NFL will discuss the possibility with its broadcast partners.
    Just in time for Tony Gonzalez's retirement, the NFL is doing away with the future Hall of Famer's patented post-touchdown dunk celebration.

    NFL vice president of officiating Dean Blandino told the "Dan Patrick Show" on Tuesday that dunking over the crossbar will be penalized, starting in the 2014 season.

    There already was a rule in place against using the football as a prop in celebrations. Penalizing dunks is an enforcement of the existing rule, as opposed to a new rule on the books.

    "We grandfathered in some, the Lambeau Leap and things like that. But dunking will come out," Blandino said. "Using the ball as a prop or any object as a prop, whether that's the goal post, the crossbar, that will come out and that will be a foul next season."

    It's perhaps no coincidence that Blandino's revelation comes at a time when the NFL's Competition Committee is considering raising the goal posts by 5 feet.

    After watching Jimmy Graham rock the crossbar off kilter last season, the league might have decided it would be easier to wreak havoc on raised goal posts, affecting game momentum and player safety.

    As for Gonzalez, he's already weighed in.

    The NFL says no more dunking over the goalpost. This one I don't understand. Looks like I got out just in time.

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    Next thing you know we'll just stop keeping score and everyone gets a participation trophy

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