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    Welcome back Hornets!

    How excited are you for the return of the Charlotte Hornets! Seems like we could be on the forefront of a great era in Charlotte sports, with the Panthers primed for a good season and the Hornets returning (and hopefully getting better on the court). Can't wait to pick up some new Hornets gear.

    Also, kudos to the bring back the buzz guys, they were so huge in getting that thing moving.

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    First NBA game I ever saw in person was at the old Charlotte Arena. Sacramento Kings played the Hornets. Spud Webb was playing with the Kings. Alonzo Morning and Larry Johnson played with the Hornets that night if I remember correctly. Spud played with NCSU during the Valvano era. Supposedly, the first time legendary former North Carolina State coach Jim Valvano saw the 5-foot-7 point guard was when he joined assistant coach Tom Abatemarco to pick Webb up from the RDU airport during his recruiting visit. Abatemarco was the one who had evaluated Webb and insisted that the Atlantic Coast Conference powerhouse should recruit him. "If that's Spud Webb," Valvano supposedly said to his assistant as the little guy approached the coaches in the airport, "you're fired."
    After watching Spud work out and dunk the ball with ease, Valvano offered him a scholarship. The rest as they say is History.

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