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    Panther fans in California?

    Native Californian, but always loved Panthers. No one I know understands why. I always wear my Panthers tshirt on game day. Starts a few interesting conversations!
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    Im A panthers Fan In San Diego !!!

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    From NorCal. Stationed in 29 Palms, CA. Watch em on NFL Sunday ticket every Sunday no matter how frustrating it gets. Haha. :O

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    Panthers fan in NorCal (Silicon Valley/South Bay).

    Panthers are coming to Candlestick Park on 11/10. Who's down to go with me?

    Twon91 do you ever come back to NorCal now that you are stationed in SoCal? If you do, let's meet up?

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    I'm from Charlotte and staying in San Jose this weekend. Just got tickets and am going to the game tomorrow with another friend who's flying in from NC tonight. Anyone want to meet up pre-game?

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    I am definitely happy wearing my jersey for the Panthers on Sundays! I may have been made fun of by people in past years, but I have stayed true to my team through the losses and wins and wear my jersey proudly. A great feeling this year though for sure! Go Panthers from Redlands, CA!

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    Panthers fan in SoCal. Planning on catching them somewhere on the road next season!

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