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    De'Anthony Thomas is #1 Most Wanted

    It still isn't certain whether he will declare for next year's draft, but if he does then he should be our priority going into the draft. Although some see him as an HB at the NFL level, I think he will be best used as an slot receiver. He has good hands, runs excellent routes, gets decent separation and is ridiculous after the catch. His change of direction is unbelievable and his field vision is better than most feature-backs. Also, he is a real threat as a return man. He is currently projected somewhere between mid-late 1st and early-mid 2nd. This means that we might have to take him in the first (or trade-down to take him early in he second). Although receivers like Sammy Watkins and Cody Hoffman will be around at that stage, he is a more unique player than either of them. Tavon Austin was taken 8th overall this year and he's nowhere near as good as Thomas. We can take a late-round WR such as Michael Campanaro or Mike Davis to play opposite Smith with Thomas in the slot. We can then look to draft a Smith replacement in he 1st next year.

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    A mock draft site I trust ( currently has De'Anthony Thomas going to us with the 44th pick. If Tavon Austin fails to make the step that some expect this season then Thomas's stock will fall even lower. This is great for us as it means we will likely be able to get him in the 2nd if not later. N.B. in this mock we take Lewan in the first.

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