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    Positive Thread!

    I know it's doom and gloom lately, but one thing I think many Panthers fan lack is perspective. Just think how bad it is for the Redskins, Browns and Jaguars right now? So, here are some things to be happy about:

    1. Luke Kuechly - yes he had a bad PI that may have cost the Panthers the game on Sunday, but he is arguably one of the best young ILB in the game today, and we'll have him for years.

    2. Star Lotulelei - He's only a rookie and he's dominated two teams with good running backs. I could not be more happy with him.

    3. Cam Newton - He's a little off his game now, but he is still one of the best young QB's in the game.

    4. A good, young defense. With a good front seven, we really only need to fix the secondary to have an elite defense. It may take a year, but it's a quicker fix than the offensive line.

    5. The only place to go is up. It can't get much worse.

    6. Rivera is in his last year with the team - unless he wins 10 straight, he's gone.

    7. The team is staying in Carolina. They may be sucking now, but they are our team.

    8. Gettleman. Everything points to him being a solid GM.

    9. Kalil, Silatolu are grading out positive in pass and run protection.

    10. We have all of our picks in next year's draft.

    So, what are you happy about?

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    I'm happy that Rivera isn't anywhere near me...because I'd probably end up in jail.

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    I am happy that we got quality people, and when I look up and down the depth chart, and I cannot see any reason why we aren't at least a .500 club.. I am happy about that.. the rest? not so happy.. I am unhappy that we are sub .500 AGAIN.. and the prospect of us going to the playoffs is shrinking every week.. (I won't go into the stats, but they are heavily weighed in the favor of us NOT making the playoffs.. ) so, this is a good thing, bad thing post for me.. There are times that I wish I was on the sidelines.. doing the things that we need to be doing to win, that just aren't happening..
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    One positive thing I can add is this, in 2002 we had one of the best up and coming defenses which ended up finishing top 5 (2nd if I remember correctly) to pair with one of the worst offenses in the NFL that year. We finished 7-9. Of course the next year was our Super Bowl team but my point is that our current team reminds me of that team from 2002 in that they found ways to always lose close games. Think about it, both defenses are almost a mirror image. Here's hoping history repeats itself.

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    [QUOTE=Dart40;16845. The only place to go is up. It can't get much worse.

    Uhhhhh 0-3 is worse

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    And I would probably be your cell mate. Playing dominoes! LoL

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