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    Panthers WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Unbelievable win the guy's looked good.............Now take a few day's off and back to work. After bye week we get into the heart of the schedule. We need 3-4 wins straight just to make sure this win was no fluke. Once again congrats guy's .

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    Completely agree, this now needs to become a habit.

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    Where has this kind of play been hiding? Rivera going for it on 4th and 1 at the goal line. Brandon Lafell actually looking like a wide receiver. Cam Newton looked like "rookie" Cam Newton today. The defensive line was amazing today with 6 sacks in the first half. Our secondary matching our front 7 with forced turnovers and big plays. Am I forgetting anything? Oh yeah, they also shut out Eli Manning & Company 38-0. Which marks the first shutout since 2008. So my question is, what now? Will this be the turn around of a team we all had high hopes for? Or was this just us making an example of a very bad New York Giants football team? Today was very bittersweet for me. I finally got to see the team that I was expecting to see this season, only it would've been much better to see this 2 weeks ago. Seeing the stadium half empty was a reflection of how this fan base feels about our team. Many of us have already given up, already talking about the off-season. Is there any hope for this team to turn it around? Going into a bye week next week, after that it's @Arizona, @Minnesota, St. Louis, and @Tampa Bay. That's 4 winnable games. I'm hoping Rivera keeps it aggressive like he did today.

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    Yes WTG team. Finally they didn't let up. Finally they got a running game. Finally Cam looked to be in control and actually created plays. Keep this up and perhaps we can be one of the few teams to make the playoffs after starting 0-2. I hate bye weeks though. Hopefully they can ride this win for 2 weeks.

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    Yeah, how much we can keep the momentum going through the bye week is going to be key.

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    This game actually prompted me to make yet another account here(why do they keep resetting them?).

    Great to see the Giants get beat down and embarrassed the way they did to us.

    I wonder if the players like Rivera more than the fans. I heard Richardson visited the team, and Rivera could have been on his way out. Maybe they played hard for him?

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