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    Board Advertisement/Recruitment Thread

    Wondering if maybe not just admins but other users that read this, that are part of social facebook groups, other boards maybe start sharing this board to get word round to other Panthers fans the board is here.

    I know this board just started up, I had been a part of an unofficial Panther boards then jumped onto this one once you all started it up, was pretty stoked to have an official board affiliated with the team to vent and talk about things, but this message wasn't just meant for admins but as a board in general, I see the Panthers facebook page lights up with thousands of followers, even unofficial boards with several members, and I am a little surprised at the small amount of users who have joined so far.

    Not sure if its just due to how young the board is compared to other places but just curious if the board is being advertised enough to gain more users, since I haven't seen it mentioned on the facebook or social stuff since to let them know its here and to sign up maybe I am just missing it when I log on because had it not been for that first advertisement I wouldn't have known it was here. Maybe a graphic on the main page of the site or even just a post once or twice a week on facebook/twitter could possibly gain more users to here.

    Anyways love the boards and jobs everyone has done upgrading the website the last couple years, keep up the good work, and I just thought I would throw that thought out there.

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    First - I love your avatar. Really cool shot of the helmet. I agree, it's a bit slow here so far, but it will probably just take time. I used to be on another sports board, and it was slow for the first year, but after that it really took off. We just need a winning season.

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