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Thread: Draft Plan 2.0

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    What are the thoughts on WR Josh Huff Oregon 5'11" 202 lbs 40-4.34
    I like the Watkins and Evans. I don't know if Evans will come out in the draft since he is a freshman.
    Two others I have thoughts on in later rounds or they may even go undrafted.
    WR Brandon Coleman, JR Rutgers 6'6" 200lbs 40-4.48
    WR Devin Street, rSR Stanford 6'3" 195lbs 40-4.46 Devin has sat out most of the season with a shoulder injury. IE: Sleeper IMO. Was projected to go in round 1-2 last year.
    There are two WR's on the Panthers Squad i'm still excited about but haven't Seen. King and McNutt. Both of these guys are over 6'1" have over a 3' vert leap, size 10" hands can run threw tackles and have 40-4.4? speeds.
    These two seem to compare to Giants Nicks in size.
    Any thoughts?

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    Two TE's I'm up on. Any thoughts?
    TE Jace Amaro, JR Texas Tech, 6'5" 260lbs 40-4.58 soft hands and can block. Reminds me of Olsen.
    TE C.J. Fiedorwicz, SR Iowa, 6'7" 265lbs 40-4.68 soft hands and can block.

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    Amaro has pretty much said that he isn't going to declare. Fiedorwicz is good but I'm not sure we're really in need of an upgrade at TE, certainly not over WR and OL. Coleman is projected to go in the 2nd, at that value I don't think he's worth it. Street looks OK, he's at Pitt not Stanford, and is projected to the 3rd. Again, I don't think he's worth that value. He is fast and big with ok hands but doesn't get that good release at the LOS and his route running isn't quite there. Needs to show far more explosion out of cuts and posts, allows defenders to pull back on inside routes. Evans' team mate also has said that it is likely that he (Evans) and Manzeil are going to declare.

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