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    Quote Originally Posted by Duane View Post
    OK I hate to see this site go away. Over the years I have truly enjoyed the conversations whether we all agreed or not.

    So here is my latest thought before this sight goes away.

    Free Agency has been something. Signing Julius Peppers, Captain Munnerlyn, Shepard Russell, Charles Johnson, Mike Adams, Matt Kalil. I was going out of my mind thinking Gettleman has lost all his marbles and both Gettleman and Rivera knows they are going to get fired if they don't do something drastic. All Speculation no truth to it, just one of those random thoughts.

    Now that that part is done and we are the Panthers Vikings LOL. Things might improve some.

    What was shocking was cutting both Ginn, Brown and not tendering Klein. I can see letting Ginn and Brown go haven't trouble tracking the ball over the Shoulder. I hope Shepard and Johnson can do a better job. Then I think the Struggles the WR group had and couldn't create separation meaning KB and Funchess is one reason I had Mike Williams as my #1 pick for a while and with Proehl leaving I was dreading Having Lance Taylor from Stanford coaching WR's on his own who was a RB coach there. I'll hit on that topic if I don't forget.
    Heck Taylor played for Mike Shula at Alabama and you guys now my stance on hiring buddies or friends I do not sugar coat anything.
    You seen the Richard Rogers blunder. The new hired Ex Panther WR Jerricho Cotchery to be a Assistant WR Coach. Hope this works out.

    DE's FA signings and this I knew would happen and it's freaky. Well I knew we would resign CJ and felt it wouldn't take much for Peppers to come back. Even at 37 he still and 7.5 sacks last year which is good. Right! Hmm! Well we resigned Addison and Horton. Well that is ok I guess except that Addison will be 30, CJ is already 31 with hamstring issues and Peppers is 37. Then out of nowhere Gettleman and Rivera traded Ealy moving up 8 picks from 72 to 64 the last pick In the 2nd round. This is a first for Gettleman and I was caught off guard with this move. Then to think where Ealy, Klein and Ginn landed with the Saints. Patriots made a heck of a deal. Hmm!

    So this has forced me to change my mock draft and we are getting light on DE's and old. So I pulling a hail marry. You aren't going to like this, but look at it as my one big twist to this seasons draft. Yeah I've read who we have brought in so far. So this is a lot different.

    We know Peppers is here to retire a Panther and he got his #90 back already. Ealy was a stud in the SB, but fizzled in the 2016 season. Still a shocker though.

    Nuts and bolts to this, so I will try to condense this.
    I'm trading up In the 1st round, but not like you think. If Gettleman has figured out how to trade players and picks as a GM he might as well look into the future. You think I'm trading up with the Jets like I have posted around to land Fournette. Well let's face facts. It is easier to find a RB than a DE who is a freak of nature like JP. It is easier to find a RG than a OT. IT helps to have a 5th round pick you really wish they had not drafted, because you signed Munnerlyn. You hate to loose talent like Klein you wish you had traded last season. You could have traded him out of the NFC South.

    So here we go. This is for a move up in the 1st round. From 8 to #1 yes Browns #1 over all pick. That's right DE Myles Garrett. It is going to require mortgaging the House, but why am I doing this. JP, CJ and Addison. how good is the depth behind them. Delaire, Horton and Webster. What happens id CJ has another Hamstring issue? Out then that puts pressure on JP to play every down opposite Addison. We don't have Cox, Ealy either so this was why I'm going to do this.

    To get to the #1 pick and trade with the Browns of course I have to trade number 8. So Browns needs a few pieces and stated the door is open for business and I'm taking them at their word. So I think everyone here can state Garrett is a freak of nature at DE and is a day one starter in the NFL. So I'm trading players to get there. This involves cap for next year as well. I'm offering with the #8 pick RG Trai Turner, CB Zack Sanchez, QB Joe Webb. I might have to add another draft pick. Turner is a pro bowl RG 4th rd. pick, Sanchez a 5th round pick. Webb a 6th rounder and possibly SS Tre Boston 4th round pick. So that is #8 draft pick 2 4th round pick, a 5th and 6th. Yet I still might have to sweeten the deal. Then kick In Center Gino Gradkowski a 4th rounder since we know Ryan Kalil will be here. 3 4th rounder's a 5th & 6th. Don't panic. yet. I even thought about unloading DE Ryan Delaire here to. I'm not trading any other picks either and that will be explained.

    Look at what I stated before it is easier to find a RG than a freak of nature DE pass rusher.
    Now look at the DE group Peppers, CJ, Addison, Garrett, Horton, Webster. Delaire? Horton?

    So now my mock then I will fill in.
    1. DE Myles Garrett 6'4 272 lbs. Texas A&M. Yeah I have watched him a lot. You will see why.
    40. RB D'onta foreman 6'0 233 lbs. Texas college playing weight 249 lbs. 2028 rushing yards on HC change & Freshman QB.
    64. CB Chidobe Awuzie 6'0 202 lbs. Colorado 1 part of the best pair of CB's in college. Plays like Jabrill Peppers. Our NCB
    98. TE Jake Butt 6'5 249 lbs. Michigan. I think he is the difference maker when Olsen retires or gets hurt. I have more on this.
    115. DE Deashon Hall 6'5 266 lbs. Texas A&M Garrett's other half. 1 tenth of a second slower. A lot of upside.
    152. LT Conner McDermott 6'8 307 lbs. UCLA Gave both Garrett & Hall a fit in that game. Won and lost battles Huge Upside LOL.
    192. DE Deatrich Wise. 6'5 274 lbs. Arkasas. Injury ended his season, but man his 2015 season and 1st round projection is a steal.
    233. QB Seth Russell 6'3 213 lbs. Baylor. Yep Baylor QB's hasn't faired well and coaching changes and 2 injuries has sidelined him.

    OK I drafted 3 DE's Why 3 aging DE's. I'm not convinced that CJ is healthy and if he goes down or Addison we are in trouble putting the huge weight on JP to carry the load. He is suppose to be a rotational player. Now yo use why I'm trading so much to move up to land Garrett to step in and learn from JP. Deashon Hall has a lot of talent that needs refinement and with being taught by JP & CJ and Coach Washington then the sky is the limit and He has Garrett to push him. Now we are talking top Defense. Wait DE Deatrich Wise. This young gun is no joke either. The beauty about Wise is he has played inside at DT as well as DE. So since we let DT Kyle Love and Paul Soliai leave that leave KK, Star, Butler and Crume. So having that one guy to play at depth between DE and DT is a winner and he is getting some serious schooling from JP, CJ, Star & KK. So loosing a struggling Delaire isn't going to hurt and he is past the 3 year rule Gettleman has put forth.

    OK RB's
    I know about Samjae Perine and I like him and won't be to upset to miss out on Fournette for Garrett.
    Though I do have a RB that I would take over Perine and that is D'onta Foreman. He can do it all, but being on a team going through changes with coaching staff and a freshman QB and a so o-line he had to do it all. Perine and Mixon played Stewart and Williams. Foreman had to carry the load after Chris Warren III went down to injury (don't be surprised if you hear his named mentioned as a Heisman candidate in 2017. Yep I'm going after him next year. 6'2 232 lbs. Back to Foreman since I traded up for Garrett I went for the next power RB IMO. He can catch, block pass rushers, Lead Block like a FB and play the wild cat. Why is this so cool. (Think about this scenario) Russell Shepard has been compared to Percy Harvin too like Curtis Samuel so I'm tickled with that. Now imagine Foreman in the backfield with Shepard. What can you do with that In read option? Man I can think of a ton of plays. Then Fozzy etc. Then to jumbo package FB Devon Johnson and Foreman In a Wild Cat. Wait for the o-line. That is something else Foreman does is waits for the play to develop. I take my hate off to Earl Campbell and Ricky Williams helping Texas RB's. Look at the size of Foreman's thighs. Then look at both Campbell and Williams when they played at the size of their thighs. Power. Foreman reminds me of Stewart and here is why. The more he gets hit the better he plays. The longer the game the better he gets. What really stands out about studying Foreman is he reminds me of Cam in this part he wants to win and will carry the team on his shoulders to do it.

    CB's see the second page on this.
    Trading up to the #1 is another first rounder and I'm not sure they would take any player(s) that are not former first rounders themselves. Only ones I could think of they would take is Luke or Newton. Quantity doesn't mean quality, so tossing in a few good players wouldn't work. Value on that trade is about another #6 overall or roughly 1,600 points from the trade chart I use.

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    Ideally we could work out a trade with Indy or Baltimore for their 2nd round pick in a trade down in round 1. Really would love 3 picks in the second. For this roster, the second round is chocked full of quality players at need positions. The value of a trade down with those two clubs are roughly at their second rounder without much other jockeying needing...Baltimore literally within a few points.

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    Sanchez a 5th round pick. Webb a 6th rounder and possibly SS Tre Boston 4th round pick.

    But they were are all bad picks?

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    Quote Originally Posted by firstchance1 View Post
    Sanchez a 5th round pick. Webb a 6th rounder and possibly SS Tre Boston 4th round pick.

    But they were are all bad picks?
    Yep and how many players has the Browns rolled through without a true GM? The point of that whole post so man y are hung up on RB Leonard Fournette will be there at #8. I wouldn't mind taking Fournette at 8, but the Jets will take him.

    Myles Garrett is a freak and will have a great career in the NFL. We face having a 30 YR. old Addison, 31 yr old CJ and a 37 Yr old Peppers. So trading up to grab Garrett is like drafting Von Miller or Vick Beasley.

    If CJ's hamstring tweaks again then Peppers is a full time starter like Jared Allen was. I don't see any of the other DE's ready to start day one in the NFL. Not many are, but Garrett is as close as we can get.

    Look at the college board I have a ton of DE's there and most are in the top. Then most ate to small including TJ Watt JJ Watts brother.

    I can't stress this enough You have to match your division. To land a DE like Garrett his size that moves like a LB going up against a guy like LT Conner McDermott 6'8 307 lbs. UCLA Both won and lost battles.

    If you are watching the other teams in the league the yare getting bigger and longer armed at OT. Just like the Broncos added close to a 1000 lbs. to their O-line and D-line. The yare getting bigger In the trenches. Start looking at the Falcons, Saints and Bucs they are getting bigger.

    Yep I put them up there to get this conversation started knowing a 4th, 5th rounder's etc. might not be enough. But now they are not worth the roster spot. Instead of loosing players like Klein and getting nothing in return why not try and trade them.
    You might have to trade with other teams to put to get there.

    Here is another point. about the Ealy trade.

    See David Yankey played beside Cameron Fleming 6'6 320 at Stanford who is a Original round tendered RFA with the Patriots He can play both the LT & RT position. This should have been the with the Patriots RFA with the Patriots DE Kony Ealy for LT/RT Cameron Fleming. So Flemming was a 4th round draft pick and worth 1.797 million against the cap. We traded Ealy and moved up 9 picks from 72 to 64 and now signed Chris Scott along with amini Silatolu. I laugh.

    Traded Ealy a second round pick for Flemming a 4th round pick and could have gotten a 3rd round pick. My My! and I bet signing Silatolu and Scott cost us more than the 1.797 million on Flemmings tender and i haven't looked yet.

    Then I could have gotten a 4th rd. pick 140 Flemming 6'6 320 lbs. age 24 vs a 5th rd. 151 draft pick in Chris Scott 6'4 340 lbs. age 29.

    There would have been no reason to sign Scott or Silatolu. It's to late now for sure.

    If you guys question what i post then read up and tell me who is out there to trade.

    Here you think I'm the only one thinking about getting bigger in the trenches. The team who whipped us in SB50 and at the Beginning of the season is getting bigger in the Trenches. It's just not on Defense either it's close to a 1000 lbs. or more.

    So my other post about trade is all about getting bigger and faster, then cutting cap or adding back to it to sign players next season.

    Look I'm getting a feeling there is a hail marry being thrown here. So of these moves don't make sense for the future of the Panthers.
    Then the coaching changes and Danny Morrison leaving and Asst. GM Brandon Beane sitting on the bubble on being gone for a GM job, but for some reason he stayed. Is Gettleman age 67 ready to retire and wants to go out on a high note. Maybe and maybe not.

    I post this stuff to get everyone talking. I look at rosters all the time to see, I post the average size per position each year. Dropped passes etc. You can't keep signing the same players all the time and expect to make the SB. All teams change each year and you have to watch your division like a hawk. Your playoff run is your division.

    Look at the players being brought in or looked at. Panther GF put up a guy I had not heard of. He is 6'9 WR who could play in the NBA, but choose the NFL. He is a freak and we are looking at him and so are other.

    I look for freaks and Julius Peppers is one or was when we drafted him and now he is 37. Steve Smith 36, Mike Adams we just signed 35. Cotchery was 32.

    Another point is if we stick to our conservative offense and Cam keeps getting hit in 2017 I would walk out. So look at Ryan Kalil and I was going to trade him before We signed Matt, because I really didn't think we would. I was going to work a deal with the jets just to land Fournette and now the Jets know we want him.

    Well I look at it like this. Eddie Lacy and Adrian Peterson is still FA's as of earlier today I haven't looked. There will be RB's cut when we get to the 53 man roster. We still have Stewart, CAP and Fozzy we are not hurting for a RB. Not he top priority, but needed.

    If you loved at my mock draft I took DE's and Wise can play inside and did a lot so he is a big DE/DT. Hall and Wise are taken later, because they won't be ready. I kept Webster to see if he can compete. IMO Horton and Delaire are cuts. G-man's 3 year rule. So why Bersin??? Anyway.

    LT Conner McDermott if you look at his combine numbers and pull up Matt Kalil's the yare almost identical. Then I matched him against Garrett and Hall. Those two were gassed in that game and it went to overtime.

    CB Chidobe Awuzie 6'0 202 lbs. is a lot like Jabrill Peppers who has played all 4 DB positions. He would be a great fit In a 326 zone or 33 Stack and more than like push Captain Munnerlyn at NCB or side outside if Bradberry or Worley get's hurt or just to rest them.

    I look at things different I guess. I look at saving Cap, Then which player can slide to different spots.

    That's why I'm pushing for Garrett, but Hall has a great story to and is just 1th of a second slower. Imagine getting those guys that are that fast as DE's to drop In coverage. Wise is a little slower at 4.95 I think, but that is still fast for as big as he is. These guys eat throwing lanes and I'm making it hard on Dew Brees and other smaller QB's. I'm forcing them to look over the players.

    That's like facing Brady. He is 6'4 and a smaller o-line is needed for his WR's. Cam is 6'5 we are huge with WR's and TE's except for the Deep guys and the yare 5'11 and 6'0 if I remember right. That's why I hammer the point a huge o-line at 6'6 average 315 to 325 lbs. long arms big hands. I like the OT's to run around 5.00-40 Matt Kalil is 5.15 and McDermott is 5.18. Both of their 3 cone drills are great and I would have to look that up again and the 20 split shuttle. Remember when I said that UCLA HC Jim Mora changed up both the offense and Defense. Keep watching. Rosen did well. Texas Longhorns will be a good team next season as well.

    I have so much in my head on football it's hard to get out some times In the right order. It goes back to Cams throwing radius. DE's In the 9 coming off the edge . OT's going against Von Miller types sliding back off the line getting flagged. I mentioned Ryan Kalil at 6'2 300 lbs., but how long is his arms. How big is the NT across from him. Same for Trai Turner 6'3 310 lbs. Mike Remmers was 6'5 305 lbs. Do you wonder why the right side of the o-line was getting blown off the ball? Go arm to arm now put a guy 6'6 who generally has a arm length of 35" and hands around 10.5" can carry a weight of 315 -325 pretty easy Andrew Norwell. How many times has Norwell been hurt? Now look at what Gettleman has done and he had to have a brain fart signing Scott and Silatolu unless they will be Camp bodies and I hate that term. Should have brought guys in to compete to try and win a roster spot.

    Saints Roster look at it.



    Broncos add Domata Peko, Zach Kerr to beef up defensive line
    Denver general manager John Elway hasn’t signed a player this offseason under 300 pounds in an effort to get stronger, meaner and more physical up front on both sides of the ball.
    “You must learn how to hold a team together. You must lift some men up, calm others down, until finally they’ve got one heartbeat. Then you’ve got yourself a team.” Bear Bryant

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